Ryan Reynolds calls actor ‘a delight’

In every version of Charles Dickens’ “A Christmas Carol,” you fear the deathly silent Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come.

The horror is back In “Spirited,” the hit AppleTV+ movie twist on Dickens’ tale, with the physically ghastly presence of the towering ghost.

This Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come is not just fearsome, but legit huge with 7-foot-1 former NBA player Loren Woods under the robes.

But on the set, the imposing Woods got along great with “Spirited” star Ryan Reynolds, who plays the snarky media guy haunted by Christmas ghosts (including the Ghost of Christmas Present played by Will Ferrell).

“Loren Woods was just the sweetest guy,” says Reynolds. “And he’s a former NBA basketball player. He needed that to physically do everything that was required, all while wearing that horrible costume. But he was a delight.”

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The scary character is also ultimately played for laughs in “Spirited” when voiced by Tracy Morgan (Morgan’s voice was added after filming).

Woods, who played for teams like the Miami Heat and the Toronto Raptors during his 6-year NBA career, makes his movie premiere in “Spirited” after appearing in the HBO Los Angeles Lakers TV series “Winning Time.”

The 44-year-old actor says his Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come outfit weighed over 30 pounds. The bulky ensemble included a huge cloak going to the floor, a long leather vest (with chains and sticks attached) and a black headpiece that covered his face for extra spookiness.

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