Prince Harry pokes fun at being royal ‘Spare’ in TV skit

Prince Harry’s the “Spare” even as a late-night TV guest.

The exiled prince poked fun at his royal standing as he appeared on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert — this time playing second fiddle to Hollywood superstar Tom Hanks.

Colbert, 58, opened Tuesday night’s show with a skit of him eagerly awaiting a VIP on the edge of a red carpet alongside two trumpet heralds wearing regal uniforms.

“Where is he?” Colbert asks, pretending to anxiously look at his watch as a staffer runs in exclaiming, “He’s coming! He’s coming!”

Prince Harry poked fun at being the royal “Spare” in a skit on “The Late Show” with Stephen Colbert.

As the trumpeters start their fanfare — with regal-looking flags on their instruments — Harry walks in and immediately protests at the royal reception.

“Stephen, not needed, but thank you, I appreciate it,” the prince says with mock earnestness.

“What are you talking about?” Colbert then asks. “This isn’t for you! Get out of the way — he’s coming!”

Late Show skit shows Colbert saluting with regal-looking trumpeters.
Colbert pretended to greet Harry with a regal fanfare and salute.
Prince Harry pretends to be embarrassed by his fanfare welcome.
Harry pretended to be embarrassed, saying the fanfare was “not needed, but thank you, I appreciate it.”

At that, the show’s A-list guest, Hanks, walks in, joking: “I’m back — where’s my fanfare?”

As Colbert salutes, Harry — dressed in a gray suit and dark blue shirt — then pretends to look upset as he throws rose petals over the 66-year-old “Castaway” star.

Colbert then continued to joke at Harry’s expense at the start of the episode, which was actually recorded Monday night, about security fears for the much-maligned prince.

Tom Hanks and Prince Harry together in their "The Late Show" crap.
Tom Hanks walked in asking: “I’m back — where’s my fanfare?”
Prince Harry pretends to throw rose petals over Tom Hanks.
Harry then pretended to be outraged as he threw rose petals over the real star guest, Hanks.

“You have tuned in for a pretty big night,” Colbert said, pretending to refer to Harry’s appearance — before joking: “Because it’s Pat Benatar’s birthday. Happy birthday, Pat Benatar!”

He then pretended to suddenly remember he was also chatting with Harry, calling him the “lord of the gingers.”

When Harry finally came on for his interview, he was welcomed by the band playing Albert King’s “Born Under A Bad Sign.”

Harry interviewed by Colbert.
The exiled royal was greeted with huge cheers and chants of “Harry! Harry!”
Harry and Colbert clink glasses during "The Late Show" interview.
Colbert served the prince booze, even after he admitted in his memoir to heavy drinking and drug use.

But the blues classic was almost drowned out by the screams and cheers of the studio audience, many of whom chanted: “Harry! Harry!”

Harry further joked at his main sob story about being dismissed as a “spare” there just to help the heir, his brother, Prince William.

Inside Harry’s memoir bombshells

Seeing two chairs next to Colbert’s desk, Harry quipped: “Is this the spare?”

Colbert then served booze for the prince, who admitted to heavy drinking and drug use in his best-selling memoir, which went on sale hours earlier on Tuesday.


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