Watch Dave Grohl try to keep his cool during this adorably awkward meeting with Slayer in 1998

“My throat closed. My stomach dropped. My butthole turned into a Star Wars trash compactor. An audible ‘gulp’ and whimper were the only sounds I could manage to produce. ”

In his hellaciously-entertaining blog, Dave Grohl used these very words to describe his reaction when he received word that his band, Foo Fighters, would precede Ozzy during their one-and-only Ozzfest appearance. It was 1998 and Ozzfest, then in its third year, was making its UK debut at Milton Keynes Bowl. The line-up uncorked a legion of metal heavyweights, including Black Sabbath, Ozzy Osbourne, Soulfly, Slayer, Fear Factory, Coal Chamber, Entombed and Neurosis.

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