Taylor Swift Honored as the “Songwriter-Artist of the Decade” at the Nashville Songwriter Awards in Michael Kors Collection: IN or OUT?

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Posted on September 21, 2022

Taylor Swift went for classic, grownup glamor when she picked up her Songwriter-Artist of the Decade award at the Nashville Songwriter Awards. And when you want to go for classic grownup glamour, there’s… a lot to choose from, actually. But among your choices, Michael Kors will always remain a reliable go-to. HAVING SAID THAT…

We can’t help feeling that her one leg and one arm must have been cold all night. Are we all feeling this one, kittens? Like we said, it’s got a certain sort of classic glam with a touch of elegance to it, if you can call a dress missing a sleeve and part of its bodice “elegant.” Not that we’re scandalized by the skin, but visually, it all feels so… we don’t know, ask somehow. This isn’t really about whether she looks good here, because of course she does. We’d say all of the styling choices are acceptable if not perfect for it. This one goes straight to the design itself. Is it working for you or are you as puzzled by it as we are? Settle this one.

Taylor Swift’s Askew Glam:

Style Credits:
Michael Kors Collection Black Jersey Dress with Hand-embroidered Sequin from the Fall 2022 Collection

Styled city Joseph Cassell Falconer

[Photo Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images, Courtesy of Michael Kors Collection]

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