PURPLE K!SS’s Park Ji Eun announces her departure from the group

Wed November 18, RBW delivered news of PURPLE K!SS member Park Ji Eun‘s departure from the group.

The agency stated on this day via an announcement on PUPLE K!SS’s fan cafe,

“First, we would like to apologize to fans who love PURPLE K!SS for the sudden news.

Park Ji Eun has decided to leave PURPLE K!SS. Park Ji Eun, who recently visited the hospital due to persistent poor health conditions and anxiety symptoms, was advised by a specialist to rest in order to regain stability.

During PURPLE K!SS’s break from activities, we discussed various possibilities regarding group activities and future career paths with Park Ji Eun. After a lengthy discussion, it was agreed that Park Ji Eun would wrap up her activities as a member of PURPLE K!SS.

Thus, Park Ji Eun will complete her activities as a member of PURPLE K!SS as of today (November 18), and PURPLE K!SS will resume promotions as 6-members.

We apologize for concerning fans, and also wish for Park Ji Eun’s speedy recovery, as well as the best in her future plans. We ask that fans continue to support Park Ji Eun in her decision, and also continue to support the 6 members of PURPLE K!SS as they resume activities.

Thank you.”

Park Ji Eun also dedicated a handwritten letter to fans, apologizing for the sudden news and asking that they not worry too much about her health.

Meanwhile, RBW’s PURPLE K!SS debuted as a 7-member girl group in March of 2021 with their 1st mini album ‘Into Violet‘.


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