Music Producer ATL Jacob Reveals He Hasn’t Been Paid For Working On Kanye West’s ‘Donda 2’

Music producer ATL Jacob, who worked on Kanye West’s Donna 2 album in February, says he still hasn’t been paid for his contribution. Speaking with VladTV on Wednesday, Jacob said he was confused when West decided to release the project on his own Stem Player device instead of digital service providers.

“Everybody was confused like, ‘How do we get paid?’ I’m still confused,” Jacob said. “If he’s banned from Stem Player, then how do we get paid?”

According to TMZ, West’s Stem Player device is being sued by KRS-One’s Boogie Down Productions. The 45-year-old rapper is accused of sampling KRS-One’s song “South Bronx” for his track “Life Of The Party” without permission.

West sold more than 11,000 stem players within 24 hours of releasing the audio device and amassed about $2 million, Vibe reports. The device, however, allegedly included Boogie Down’s unlicensed record.

Jacob said West would upload the songs to the Stem Player, but they weren’t even complete songs.

“None of the songs were done. He was just uploading demos,” he said.

The producer said he worked on several songs for the album, including “Pablo,” “Keep It Burning” and “Louie Bags.”

After revealing that he didn’t get paid for the songs, Jacob added that he is still grateful for the experience.

“I’m not tripping though, because I learned a lot just working on them,” he said.

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