All About Gloria Estefan and Emilio Estefan’s 2 Kids

Gloria and Emilio Estefan’s kids are following in their parents’ talent-filled footsteps. The Cuban power couple, who have been married for more than 40 years, are the parents of two children. They welcomed their son, Nayib, in 1980, while their daughter, Emily, was born in 1994.

“I love the relationship we have now that they are adults”, Gloria told People en Español of her grownup kids. The Latina legend shares a close bond with both Nayib, a filmmaker and entrepreneur, and Emily, a singer-songwriter.

“Seeing my kids happy with what they are doing in their lives is the biggest gift I could receive and they both love what they do”, Gloria said of the talented two, who have respectfully created a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

Over the years, the famous family has joined forces for numerous projects, like Red Table Talk: The Estefanstheir show that features personal conversations between Emily, Gloria and her Emmy Award-winning niece, Lili.

Most recently, the queen of Latin pop teamed up with Emily as well as Nayib’s son, Sasha, to release Estefan Family Christmas in October 2022. The multigenerational musicians are slated to perform a song off the album at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade this year.

Here’s everything to know about Gloria and Emilio’s two grown children.

Emily Estefan

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Emily is the Cuban-American daughter of Gloria and Emilio, born on Dec. 5, 1994. Similar to her Latin-legend parents, she has pursued a career in the music industry — but the Berklee School of Music graduate has made a point to forge her own identity as an artist, as well.

The singer-songwriter released her debut album Take Whatever You Want in 2017, embodying a totally different sound compared to the Latin-spiced ballads her mother is known for. When speaking with People en EspañolEmily described the tracks as “soul and R&B” with “little snippets of [her] Latino pride in unexpected areas.”

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The album appeared on four Billboard charts upon its release, including Hip Hop, R&B, Independent and Heatseekers. Furthermore, she released music videos for the singles “F#ck to Be,” “Reigns (Every Night)” and “Purple Money.”

In addition to singing and songwriting, Emily is a drummer, guitarist, producer and podcast host. After graduating, she founded the indie label Alien Shrimp Records, which signed a multi-year distribution deal with Sony’s RED in 2016.

While the rising talent surely has Gloria’s unwavering support in the music scene, she’s got her mother by her side in all aspects of her life as well. In 2017, Emily came out publicly when she shared a photo with her partner, Gemeny Hernandez.

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During an episode of Red Table Talk: The Estefans, Gloria spoke about her own experience in coming to terms with her daughter’s sexuality. “We had no clue,” the Latina legend admitted during their conversation. “You say, ‘How could we not have known?’ It’s not like we didn’t suspect at some moments.”

She added: “You said to me, ‘Mom, I’m not gay… because that wasn’t the word in your mind for who you were.’ Emily responded: “I was also figuring out who I am.” Now, Emily has started to recognize that “regrets are a waste of time,” but revealed she’s “still on that journey.”

Nayib Estefan

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Nayib is the son of Gloria and Emilio, born on Sept. 2, 1980. A musician in his own right, the former Los Angeles Film School student also pursued a career in filmmaking and acting.

The Miami native has appeared in films such as Punks spirit Yearbookplus has a soundtrack credit in the Sundance-selected short The Sun Like a Big Dark Animal. While he also opened a drive-in movie theater in his hometown, his music goes beyond film, as he spins tunes and mixes beats under the nickname “DJ Monkey.”

Growing up in the shadow of Gloria and Emilio, Nayib — similar to his sister, Emily — was trying to find his “purpose,” especially having experienced an extraordinary childhood. “I got to meet a lot of incredible people, I got to see a lot of incredible things. I think I went around the world three times before I was a teenager,” he told Greensboro News and Record.

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“I’m a lot smarter now, definitely,” he revealed to the outlet in 2001. “I feel more comfortable in my own skin. I guess I found what my purpose is a little bit. I was trying to find that before, and I was having trouble.”

But even though the creative has “found” himself, Nayib — unlike his sister, Emily — has tried to distance himself from his parents’ famous moniker. (Hence, “DJ Monkey.”) He explained, “I wanted to see if I could go out there and pay my dues like every other DJ without people saying that you did it because of your name.”

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Despite the distancing, family is still important to Nayib and he is grateful for his parents’ support. “I couldn’t have asked for a better life. My parents are great,” he continued to tell Greensboro News and Record. “I’ve learned a million things from my dad. My mom, I wouldn’t even know where to start telling you.”

Now, Nayib has started a family of his own. He married Lara Diamante Estefan-Coppola in 2010 and they share one child together, son Sasha — who’s also following in the family’s musical footsteps as well! Gloria, Emily and Sasha recorded Estefan Family Christmastheir first album together, and released it in October 2022.

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