Ryan Reynolds And Rob McElhenney Filmed Their Colonoscopies

Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney already bought a soccer team together, so why not film each other getting colonoscopies? It’s a natural progression. In an effort to raise awareness of colon cancer prevention, the Welcome to Wrexham stars have teamed up with Brooks Bell and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance to launch the “Lead From Behind” initiative. The campaign seeks to encourage people to get a colonoscopy at age 45 because despite being the second deadliest form of cancer, colon cancer is highly preventable if detected early enough.

To help bring eyeballs to “Lead From Behind” (and because they lost a bet) Reynolds and McElhenney agreed to get colonoscopies and have the process filmed for the launch video. They literally took one for the team.

“I’ve been on camera a lot. But this was the first time one was shoved up my ass,” Reynolds said in a statement. “The procedure and prep were painless but the discomfort of filming and sharing the process was the hardest part. Rob and I did it because we want this potentially life-saving procedure to be less mysterious and stigmatized.”

“Ryan and I both turned 45 this year and this is just a rite of passage,” McElhenney added, “and a great one because it can literally save your life. It’s obviously a procedure that makes people uncomfortable but it sure beats getting cancer. We wanted to have fun with this because as with all the weird things that happen in life, why not make it fun instead of scary?”

For more information on colon cancer prevention, visit Lead From Behind.

(Via Lead From Behind)


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