Marvel Fan Edits Moon Knight Into Captain America: Civil War’s Airport Fight

Despite carrying the iconic Marvel Studios banner with it ahead of every episode, Moon Knight is largely removed from the larger Marvel Cinematic Universe. Instead, the six episodes focused on an intensive character study of the eponymous vigilante in his immediate circle. Now that the series has released the final episode of what could be just its first season without any type of major MCU crossover, one eager Marvel fan has taken it upon themselves to give fans at least a little taste of what to expect from Marc Spector meeting the rest of the franchise.

A viral video has been making the rounds showing Mr. Knight and Moon Knight as if they were part of the massive airport fight sequence during the events of Captain America: Civil War. Crafted by YouTuber TortillaDelta13, Oscar Isaac’s multiple Moon Knight identities find themselves in a whole variety of different situations, expertly edited into the Russo Brothers film using footage released as part of the series. See the clip for yourself below.

It has yet to be seen where Moon Knight will end up next, and mixed messaging from Marvel Studios does tease the character could appear in a second season on Disney +. Either way, Moon Knight helmer Mohamed Diab thinks the vigilante is certainly her to stay.

“The thing is, I’m sure Moon Knight is here to stay. Is it going to be a movie? Is it going to be a TV show? Is it going to be just joining another character in the next journey? I don ‘ t know. I wish I’m part of that story. One day, expanding that world, “the filmmaker previously told us.

Diab added, “If it was for me, I would start with Jake Lockley. I want to see his world. Everyone is so intrigued about him and [I want to] see what happens in between those blinks and who he is and what does he love and who does he love. It’s very interesting for me. But I love that the small things that we put all through the episode made people, every episode, waiting for Jake, waiting for Jake, waiting for Jake. But I think it, he was introduced in the right time at the very end, knowing that con should still have a hold on them.

Moon Knight is now streaming in its entirety on Disney +.

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