Indiana Jones 5 Ending Will Send Character Into the Sunset, Again

Indy on a boat.

A brand new image from Indiana Jones 5.
Image: Lucasfilm/Empire

If you thought Indiana Jones marrying Marion Ravenwood and living with their son Mutt was the end, think again. The team behind Indiana Jones 5 didn’t see that as a proper send-off for the iconic cinema star, and that became the focus of the new movie, out June 30, 2023.

Speaking to Empire (which also debuted the new look at the film seen above, as well as two new covers), Indy himself, Harrison Ford, said he wanted more closure for his signature character, which is part of why he came back. “I just thought it would be nice to see one where Indiana Jones was at the end of his journey,” Ford said. “If a script came along that I felt gave me a way to extend the character.”

Director James Mangold co-wrote the script in question (along with Jez and John-Henry Butterworth) and explained that the focus of the movie would be exactly that: bcalling Indy to the end. “It became really important for me to figure out how to make this a movie about a hero at sunset,” Mangold said. “The issues I brought up about Indy’s age were not things I thought were being addressed in the material being developed at the time. There were ‘old’ jokes, but the material itself wasn’t about it. To me, whatever your greatest liability, you should fly straight towards that. If you try to pretend it’s not there, you end up getting slings and arrows the whole way.”

Of course, those quotes don’t explain anything at all about the story itself. What Indy’s going after, if Marion or Mutt are still around, who exactly Phoebe Waller-Bridge is playing, all that good stuff. But to hear Ford tell it, it’s all going to work in the end. “It’s full of adventure, full of laughs, full of real emotion. And it’s complex and it’s sneaky,” Ford told Empire. “The shooting of it was tough and long and arduous,” he says. “But I’m very happy with the film that we have.”

We’re sure to learn more next week when Empire’s full issue is released. Indiana Jones 5 (which, yes, is still going by that title for now) will be out June 30, 2023.

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