“How Much Better Is He Gonna Be”: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 24-Year-Old Son Leaves 4-Time Mr. ‘Natural’ Universe Winner Amazed With His Bodybuilding Skills

Action movie icon Arnold Schwarzenegger became one of the greatest bodybuilders ever before he got his start in film. Arnold joined a gym in Graz in his teens and started building muscles like his role model, Reg Park. He moved to America in 1968, and by 1975, he had won six consecutive Mr. Olympic titles.


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Schwarzenegger married journalist Maria Shriver, and they had four children together. But after 25 years of marriage, his extra-marital affair with their housekeeper, Mildred Baena, and resulting love child Joseph Baena led to their separation in 2011.


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Joseph Baena Inherited the bodybuilding blood

On Friday, Arnold Schwarzenegger‘s son, Joseph Baena, appeared on the Mike O’Hearn YouTube channel. Four-hour Mr. “Natural” Olympia Mike O’Hearn is an American bodybuilder, personal trainer, actor, and model. Joining the established bodybuilding star, Baena challenged some arm workouts to pump biceps and triceps.

At the storied Gold’s Gym, Baena led the workout and the two bodybuilding enthusiasts discussed insights on how to build bigger arms. It’s safe to say, in the ten minutes of their workout captured on camera, O’Hearn found himself thoroughly impressed with Baena’s talent.

“I don’t know if you guys see this, but to me, it looks like he is on stage and he is posing through the exercise. Youngsters go, ‘Oh, he flexed through the whole exercise? You don’t just lift it?’” O’Hearn said about Baena. “You’re posing and moving the waist.” Just like his father, Joseph Baena showed tremendous potential for becoming a bodybuilding star.


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O’Hearn seems fairly certain that the 24-year-old would easily surpass him. “If he knows it at that age before I knew it at that age, how much better is he gonna be than I ever was,” he said. After Baena put down the weights, he even jokingly struck a pose for the camera.

Arnold Schwarzenegger offered tips to Baena

Talking to Men’s Health earlier this year, Joseph Baena recalled the first time he worked out with his father, Arnold Schwarzenegger. He said he’d been nervous, which is understandable given Schwarzenegger’s legacy in the sport.


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“I was being observant, trying to see what he was doing and the way he was acting,” Baena said. He picked up several little things from his father, like the proper grip on the bench press, turning his wrists on dumbbell curls, and the signs of real progress. He learned the right attitude to push himself even further.

“One of the big things I learned from Dad was not to have the ten-rep mentality,” hey said. “It’s pushing yourself to the limits and going that extra mile, getting those extra reps and half reps until you’re basically dying.” A concept that Mike O’Hearn agrees with as well.


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While being the son of a seven-time, Mr. Olympia should give Baena plenty of time to learn from the expert, he rarely picks up the phone and asks for a personal training session. Baena stays hell-bent on progressing through his own means.

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