David Duchovny Picked a ‘Funny’ Fake Penis for ‘The Estate’

David Duchovny is an expert at sorting through X-rated files to find what his character needs. While visiting Late Night With Seth Meyers to promote his film The Estate, a movie in which he plays a mustachioed douche competing with his family members for his late aunt’s estate, Duchovny detailed the process of picking his own character’s prosthetic penis. “The director was kind enough to involve me in conversations about what is the best penis.” Duchovny started. “Well, no.” It turns out that “best penis” was a bit of a misnomer. “It was like, What’s the funniest penis?” he corrected himself. “Which is a different conversation than What’s the best penis?” Thus showing a stark difference between Duchovny and The White Lotus‘s Theo James, who appears to have chosen the penis most likely to make people on the internet go “Awwooooogah.” Duchovny later notes that picking the prosthetic penis had a profound effect on him. “You know showbiz moments you’ve had your life where you’re like ‘I’ve kind of made it’?” he asked Meyers. “When I was asked to judge the funniest penis, I felt, ‘Yeah this is one of those moments.’” If you have the urge to check out the penis for yourself, The Estate is out now, co-starring Toni Collette and Anna Faris. Does he know how to pick ’em or does he know how to pick ’em?

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