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Funny Pages is the latest movie from the A24 that goes on general release this week, about a young cartoonist finding his calling as a comic book creator. A black comedy film written, directed, and edited by Owen Kline. Here’s the trailer.

It is described as a coming-of-age story of a young cartoonist, Robert, played by Daniel Zolghadri, who rejects the comforts of his suburban life in a misguided quest for soul. And the trailer gives added emphasis to Wallace, played by Matthew Maher, a mentor figure who used to work for Image Comics. This is treated as a big thing, I am told that the film reveals that Wallace was a color separator at Image, but he becomes a mentor for Robert.

Screencap from Funny Pages trailer

I wondered what participation Image Comics may have had with this movie to get namedropped in this way. Turns out, none; it was as much a surprise to Image Comics as it was to us. Also, as Image Comics was born in the age of digital comic book coloring, Image Comics never hired a color separator per se. They worked with a couple of different color separating businesses in the early days, such as New Jersey’s Kell-O Graphics, where the movie is set. As for actual Image Comics, until 2008 or so, it was just production, sales & marketing, accounting, and administration staff. And these days no one separates color at all.

Image Comics Didn't Know About A24 Film Funny Pages About Image Comics
Screencap from Funny Pages trailer

However, there is one link – the writer/director Owen Kline used to be a regular at the Brooklyn comic book store, Rocket Ship Comics, which was owned by Alex Cox, who is now Image Comics’ Director of Specialty Sales. Owen’s sister Greta Simone Kline as well, now better known as the singer/songwriter Frankie Cosmos. They are also the children of Kevin Kline spirit Phoebe Catesso this is Hollywood royalty are talking here.

Image Comics Didn't Know About A24 Film Funny Pages About Image Comics
Screencap from Funny Pages trailer

It has a comic book creator as a rebel against the route of education, which probably used to be more valid than it is now. These days, many comic creators and artists learn it at university or college, with specialized courses; back in the day, that wasn’t an option, so people didn’t bother. But it does contain the idea of ​​the committed creator who has a calling to tell a story, any story, their story, and then A24 of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Take on Image Comics with Funny Pages – but No One Told Image tell it through the medium of pen and paper. And that’s something a lot of us can identify with.

Image Comics Didn't Know About A24 Film Funny Pages About Image Comics
Screencap from Funny Pages trailer

I also understand that a lot of the movie was filmed at one of the Jim Hanley comic shop locations in New York. I am sure that regular visitors will be able to tell me which one. Funny Pages has played at a few film festivals, with its premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in the Director’s Fortnight, and goes on general release in the US on the 26th of August 2022. And hey, isn’t it once to have indie films about people hanging out in comic shops again? It has been two or three decades…

A24, of Everything Everywhere All At Once, Takes on Image Comics
(L-R) Daniel Zolghadri. Credit: Courtesy of A24
Image Comics Didn't Know About Being In The A24 Film, Funny Pages
Courtesy of A24.
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