King Charles III ‘dismisses’ Harry, Meghan ‘efforts to attract attention’

King Charles III ‘dismisses’ Harry, Meghan ‘efforts to attract attention’

King Charles III’s Christmas speech has been made as the new monarch chose to skip Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s drama.

Royal commentator Jonathan Sacerdoti duty that the monarch’s speech was “significant” as he “didn’t mention Harry and Meghan but not in the way some might have expected.”

“He barely mentioned anyone beyond a very small circle of royals tightly linked to the previous, current and next generation in the succession – his mother, his wife, and the Prince and Princess of Wales,” the monarch said.

“Otherwise he focused on non-royals who were making significant contributions to the wider public in need, rather than members of his own family.”

He added: “The speech brushed away Harry and Meghan’s massive efforts to pull focus and attract attention, almost dismissing those efforts as nothing more than distractions from what he thinks the genuine concerns of the Royal Family and society truly are.

“He didn’t allow them to see his agenda.”

Sacerdoti said: “He really focused on people who served others, and the selfless help they give to people in genuine need. When he spoke of the Prince and Princess of Wales, he again focused on their service to those in need.

“He talked about his own visit to Bethlehem, and the religious importance he felt in that place,” he added.

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