How Are the Characters From 1923 Related to Yellowstone’s Duttons?


Johns and Jacks and Jameses and Jacobs—the Yellowstone universe is packed with enough Duttons to make your head spin. With the arrival of the latest Yellowstone prequel, 1923, debuting today on Paramount+ there are even more names to keep track of. Since all roads lead back to the Duttons’ famous ranch, we’ve made things a little easier by pinpointing exactly how the characters of 1923 relate to the Duttons of the modern day.

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Amuse: The Dutton Family Tree

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The 1923 patriarch of the Dutton’s and owner of the ranch, Jacob is the brother of 1883‘s James Dutton. Jacob took over the Yellowstone Dutton ranch after James and his wife, Margaret died, taking in the couple’s two surviving children as well. While he and his wife Cara have no children of their own, his relationship to James makes him the great-granduncle of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton.

Jacob’s wife and the unwavering matriarch of the Dutton clan on 1923Cara is related to Yellowstone‘s Dutton family by marriage, and is the great-grandaunt of John Dutton III, who runs the ranch in the show’s modern era.

Fans of 1883 will remember John Dutton Sr. as a little boy, but by 1923, James and Margaret Dutton’s eldest son is all grown up. While the show has yet to confirm it, given his name, it seems likely that John Sr. is the grandfather of Yellowstoneit’s John.

John Sr.’s wife, practical Emma, ​​seems poised to become the grandmother of Yellowstone‘s John Dutton. However, so far in 1923, her only confirmed child is Jack, so whether that means that John Dutton Jr. has yet to be born or is simply off-screen isn’t clear.

Wild-spirited Jack is the son of John Sr. and Emma. If John Dutton Jr. is, indeed, also their son, that would make Jack his brother, and the uncle of Yellowstone‘s John.

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