Hoda Kotb shares a glimpse into her Christmas pajama party with her girl gang

TODAY co-anchor Hoda Kotb celebrated Christmas in her pajamas with her adorable girl gang.

“Merry merry,” Hoda wrote on her Instagram, along with photos of her sharing a couch with her daughters, Haley, 5, and Hope, 3, her sister, Hala, and her mother, Sameha. Their festive green and red pajama sets matched right along with their big smiles and holiday cheer.

The family had fun playing audience as Haley and Hope sang karaoke to the tune of Walker Hayes’s “Fancy Like.”

The family also enjoyed watching, “The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse,” a short animated film on AppleTV. Hoda posted a clip of the film on her Instagram account with the promise that, “However you are feeling right in this moment—I promise you will feel better after you see this.”

Hoda’s family has been focusing on what the holidays are all about — something she said she’s learned from her daughters.

“This is a time for everyone to hit pause, everyone to gather, everyone to be together and everyone just to sort of, you know, just marvel at how lucky we are to have these incredible people in our lives,” Hoda said in a new streaming special, “Holidays in My House,” on TODAY All Day.

Hoda decorated her home with cards made by Haley and Hope this year.

Hoda also had some words of encouragement for anyone who feels a bit overwhelmed by the togetherness of the holidays. “(So) ground yourself for a second, take a deep breath, look around and think to yourself: ‘Wow, we’re all here in one place at one time and there are a lot of families who don’t get that. ‘ Just sort of savor, and linger and go slow. Take your time. Enjoy everybody being together for this period,” she said in the “Holidays in My House” special.

She also shared how she maintains perspective and why she prioritizes her family.

“We have one ride around the sun, that’s all you get it — you don’t get another one, this is it,” she said in “Holidays in My House.” “So when it thinks about my family, our time together, it’s remembering that we got to be here — we got to be together on this day.”

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