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Have you ever wanted to cook it up in the kitchen like the guys from BTS? Look no further than BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Storiesthe new official cookbook from the K-pop superstars.

The latest release from the record-breaking group contains various BTS recipes — including for kimchi fried rice, scorched rice crackers, sugar-filled griddlecakes and more — as well as their corresponding stories. Per the description page on Weverse, the recipes are based on ones Jin, Jung Kook, RM, V, Suga, Jimin and J-Hope actually use themselves, although culinary experts helped put specifics such as measurements and instructions together.



See the latest videos, charts and news

See the latest videos, charts and news

In addition, the tome’s themes for each chapter will be introduced by — what else? — BTS’ own lyrics. What’s more, the cookbook will share what the guys said and did as they whipped up and ate the dishes.

“We hope that you will enjoy every moment as you follow the steps of these recipes, imagining the conversations and feelings of BTS when they were making these dishes,” reads the back cover of the cookbook.

BTS RECIPE BOOK: Book of Tasty Stories — which is written in both English and Korean — is available for order now on the band’s Weverse shop page. It’ll cost US fans $28 per copy (limited to two copies), with the books expected to arrive between mid to late November

The cookbook isn’t the first time that BTS has dabbled in the culinary world. The group hosts a web series titled The BTS Recipe, which aims to be a cooking and education program that shares Korean culture and language with the rest of the world. Although the group is taking some time to explore solo musical ventures, this new recipe book is one of a plethora of non-musical group ventures BTS has planned.

Check out HYBE EDU’s announcement for BTS RECIPE BOOK, and video teasers for a look at the cookbook below.

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