‘Spider-Man 3’ Gets a Reappraisal From Fans

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Spider-Man 3 is once again being discussed as perhaps an underrated gem of a comic book movie — or a film deserving of its poor reputation, depending on who you talk to — on this, any random day of the week.

For better or for worse, Spider-Man 3 was trending on Twitter Thursday as fans of the Sam Raimi-directed threequel gave their reappraisal of the movie that birthed a thousand memes.

Spider-Man 3 is nowhere near the worst Spider-Man movie,” one commentator wrote. “But I don’t think CBM Twitter is ready for that conversation.”

Comparing the film to other 2000s-era superhero flops, one fan was convinced “Spider-Man 3 does not deserve to be grouped in with x men 3 and blade 3.”

One Twitter user even claimed the Tobey Maguire-starring swan song was even better than most of the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s endless stream of movies today.

Another fan, who was watching the movie with his son, acknowledged that while Spider-Man 3 doesn’t quite hold up to its predecessors, “there is a lot of good stuff in the movie.”

“Topher Grace’s Eddie Brock begging God to kill Peter Parker is my absolute favorite.”

When prompted to rank all the Spider-Man movies, ever, one Twitter user made the bold proclamation that Spider-Man 3 was, in fact, the GOAT.

If you’re not convinced of Spider-Man 3‘s greatness, consider the fact that Mrs. Marvel star Iman Vellani gave the movie four and a half stars on the movie review-based social media site Letterboxd and called it “unironically great.” That may sound like an arbitrary endorsement, at first, until you realize Vellani is such a cinephile with high standards, she gave Captain Marvel only two out of five stars — ouch! — as We Got This Covered previously reported.

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