Recent Books That Need an On-Screen Adaptation

As of late, there have been two major book-to-screen adaptations that have done tremendously well. The first being The Summer I Turned Pretty written by Jenny Han, who’s also known for her series To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. The Summer I Turned Pretty is a three-part book series revolving around a teenage girl nicknamed Belly, and the love triangle she finds herself in, as she matures and grows up through the summers spent at Cousins ​​Beach. The first book was published in 2009, followed by the sequel It’s Not Summer Without You in 2010, and finished with We’ll Always Have Summer in 2011-making the series extremely popular, even thirteen years later. In 2013, Lionsgate picked up the rights to turn the book series into a show, and eventually Amazon gave the go-ahead for an eight-episode first season. The series has gotten tremendous praise, and even Taylor Swift re-recorded her song “This Love specifically for the show, states E!, and gained even more viewers because of that fact.

Where the Crawdads Sing is the second book-to-screen adaptation that has been truly successful in 2022; the novel was written by Delia Owens and was released in 2018. The plot follows “the marsh girl”, Kya, who’s left to her own survival skills as a young child and grows up in the woods, mixing in with the wrong people and defending herself when it’s necessary. The film has received mixed reviews from critics, but audiences who have read the book before seeing the movie have commented on how closely it has translated to the screen. Taylor Swift once again lends her voice on screen, as she wrote her hauntingly beautiful song “Carolina for this movie. Newsweek states that director Olivia Newman claims that Swift wrote the song after reading the novel, wanting to be involved in the movie.

While these adaptations seem to be on the rise as more recent novels become popular, like the bookOne of Us is Lyingby Karen M. McManus, which was picked up by Peacock and turned into a series; film and television companies should keep the momentum and continue the stride. Here is a list of recent books that need an on-screen adaptation.

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5 This is Where it Ends by Marieke Nijkamp

Similar to the novel The Hate U Give written by Angie Thomas, This is Where it Ends deals with tragedy and real life issues. With today’s climate and gun violence that terrorizes schools all over the country, This is Where it Ends would be a major wake-up call for a ton of people. The plot follows a school shooting and the several points-of-view from different students who are trapped inside, their terror and fear haunting, and if translated well on screen, it could change a lot of perspectives. If filmmaker and director George Tillman Jr (The Hate U Give) was involved with the production of this possible film, it would be a knockout and a huge success.

4 The Midnight Library by Matt Haig

There’s been whispers throughout the film industry that this novel is already in talks for being developed as a film under either Blueprint Pictures or StudioCanal, but as of right now, nothing is in true development. The Midnight Library is a novel about a woman named Nora who wants to die, and after successfully doing so, she’s stuck in a purgatory of sorts, known as the Midnight Library. While she’s there, Nora gets to test out different possible lives that she could have had if she made the smallest decision in her every day life. The Midnight Library is an important story about finding reasons to live and making the most out of your every day life. A film like this would be beneficial and ultimately moving for the right person.

3 The Final Girl Support Group by Grady Hendrix

HBO max has hinted at picking up this novel for a television series, even though the book was published a year ago, making it still relatively new. Grady Hendrix is ​​known for writing about horror and gore, and The Final Girl Support Group sits right in the middle of that. This would be a great show to release around Halloween; the marketing could really sell it, and since HBO might have the rights, it would be a bloodbath on screen. The story follows six women who were real life “final girls”, as they are hunted by an unknown killer. Charlize Theron has been speculated to play the lead role, Lynette Tarkington, which would be the best choice since Theron is one of the most “final-girl” actresses out there.

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2 Such a Fun Age by Kiley Reid

In 2020, there were murmurings about this novel being turned into a movie, the author stating that it had film like qualities, says the Bibliophile, but two years later there has been no development. Such a Fun Age was published in 2018, and made Reece Witherspoon’s book club, and from there it has gained high praise and reviews. The plot follows Emira, a nanny who gets racially profiled at a grocery store with the child she babysits, and things start to spiral out of control from there. It would be interesting to see if Witherspoon decided to be involved with the movie, since she enjoyed the novel so much and where she would take production. Keke Palmer, who just wowed in Jordan Peele’s most recent flick, Nopewould do fantastic as Emira and take her character to the next level.

1 The Book of Accidents by Chuck Wendig

This hefty novel would be the perfect Blumhouse production, a mix of supernatural elements and horror giving room to be the perfect film for fall. The Book of Accidents follows a family who moves back to Nate’s childhood home, and they quickly come to realize there’s something other-worldly happening around them. When Nate goes missing, slipping through different dimensions, they band together and fight the evil that’s surrounding the house and their family. Even though it has family dynamics in the writing, this film would absolutely be rated-R, due to the horror and explicit language showcased. Still, it would be loved by horror fans who don’t want to read over 500 pages in a novel.

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