Original Ash Voice Actor Narrating Book About Pokemon Series

Audiobooks rely heavily on the narrator to accurately portray the story they’re vocalizing, so that readers can find themselves wrapped in the comfort of the written universe through the narration. This means excitement for any reader looking forward to Daniel Dockery’s Pokemon audiobook Monster Kidsan incredible voyage through the age of monsters and how the future is shaping up for games like Pokemonbecause the original voice of Ash Ketchum Veronica Taylor, will be narrating.


Veronica Taylor voiced the eager Pokemon trainer in the original Pokemon animated show, which means she has firsthand experience with the fanbase and just how dedicated it can be. Daniel Dockery’s Monster Kids hopes to convey the important role Pokemon has had in not only paving the way for other shows such as Yu-Gi-Oh and fellow monsters-as-allies Digimon, but also in creating a future for the genre. Shows following in Pokemon’s Pikachu-created pawprints now see increased popularity, an example being the many different Yu-Gi-Oh anime in existence today.

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Monster Kids will include 224 pages of details regarding not just the Pokemon franchise itself, but also its origin story and what led up to its success. There will also be interviews included, with personal stories being shared from the people involved, as well as what was impactful regarding the creation of the entire Pokemon empire. There is a correlation being drawn between the iconic catchphrase, “gotta catch ’em all” and the mentality of current culture looking to achieve perfection, with some fans making it their mission to collect as many Pokemon as possible in-game or with trading cards , something that the book will delve into with more detail once released.

Dockery is a senior writer with Crunchyroll, and has also written for media outlets such as Wired, Paste, and Vulture. The release date for Monster Kids is set for October 4th with preordering currently possible, with the Pokemon book available not only as an audiobook but as an ebook or traditional paperback as well.

The Pokemon world is vast and continues to grow, with new generations still being released, and this also means that there is a wide variety of other monster-related games and media new to the content stage as well. The stories within Monster Kids should prove to be a fascinating insight into Pokemon‘s slogan of “gotta catch ’em all.” With Veronica Taylor adding her voice to the audiobook, there is an increased chance of becoming nostalgic for the original animated show that sparked the desire to become deeply immersed in the lore of a created world, Pokemon or otherwise.

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