Lives of gay Black Detroit men explored in ‘Boys Come First’

Darlene A. White

After two decades as a journalist, Detroit native Aaron Foley decided to open a new chapter in his career with the debut of his first fiction novel, “Boys Come First.”

After writing the nonfiction books “How to Live in Detroit Without Being a Jackass” and “The Detroit Neighborhood Guidebook,” the 37-year-old has written a story about the dating scene for gay Black men in Detroit.

“Boys Come First” explores the lives of three Black millennial gay men and friends, Dominick, Troy and Remy. One of the friends moves away from Detroit to New York after college, then moves back to his hometown when he discovers his boyfriend had been cheating on him and he gets laid off from his job. He returns home to get his life back together and finds himself becoming closer with his group of friends.

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