WWE Artist Rob Schamberger Reveals His Favorite Painting He’s Ever Done

Artist Rob Schamberger has done a lot of incredible art pieces for WWE.

The artist behind Canvas 2 Canvas recently appeared on the Wrestling Winedown podcast and was asked which of his art pieces were his favorite.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On his favorite painting he’s done: “Oh, boy, the cop-out answer is whatever the latest one is. I’m of the mindset that it’s not about the individual piece. It’s about the body of work that I’m making. there’s a story I’ve heard attributed to Picasso, but it could be anyone the this woman’s walking through a park and sees an artist sitting at a bench sketching. As she gets closer, she recognizes that it’s Pablo Picasso. She says, ‘Oh my gosh, could you draw my portrait?’ He said, ‘Sure.’ He stares at her for a minute or two makes a few lines on the paper, hands it to her and it’s a spot-on likeness and she’s like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is incredible,’ and he said that’ll be $500 . She’s like, ‘But it only took you a few lines. It only took a few minutes,’ and he said ‘No. It took me my whole life.’

“The thing there is like, it’s a skill that we develop and everything that we do we learn from what went wrong, what went right, what happened accidentally that we could repeat in the desired way. So, every painting I make is informed by everyone that I’ve done it before, so when I look at older work, all I see is how I could do it significantly better now. So that’s one less fun answer.”

On his actual favorite painting he’s done: “The more emotional answer is, I did a painting of Ultimate Warrior with Connor The Crusher that I gave to To the Michalek family at Hall of Fame after Connor was honored with the inaugural Warrior Award. I’m not going to do anything that’s going to top that, as far as emotional importance, I don’t think ever. There’s so much talk within about pro wrestling that like, you know, real or fiction, or whatever. That was a genuine, real human moment, and I don’t know that I’ll ever top that.”

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