With foot-stamping and doodles, Tiny Studio pokes fun at corporate customer feedback surveys

On a scale of one to 10, how pissed off do you get when an insistent little customer survey box keeps popping up when you’re midway through a peaceful internet shopping session? Ratta Bill and Nadine Hanisya, the brains behind Tiny Studio, have become fascinated with this annoying aspect of corporate culture and its increasingly persistent influence on our everyday, internet-filled lives. In their recent project Foot Survey, you no longer need to send your laptop into overdrive as you desperately click random answers. In Foot Survey, you may blissfully rid yourself of frustration by answering questions with a stamp of your foot.

Graphic designer Ratta and visual artist Nadine founded Tiny Studio in 2018 in order to explore the intersections between their creative skills. “Our inspiration comes from the contrast between the things we consume on the internet, and the things that are actually around us,” says Ratta. So for their recent project Club Survey, they decided to take the familiar internet customer survey form away from the web and explore what happens when people are asked to interact with them physically in the real world.

“Unlike conventional surveys, the idea of Club Survey is also to give a unique creative experience for each respondent, not the other way around,” Nadine explains. Club Survey incorporated two main projects including a Drawing Survey which asked participants to illustrate their feelings towards each question through drawings and doodles. The Foot Survey asked their audience random questions like: “How would you rate your outfit today?” or “How mad are you with the government right now?” This encouraged participants to stamp their answers with dirty footprints on a scale up to 10. Tiny Studio was amused by the results of the survey, which ended when one participant expressed such distaste in response to the government question, that his stamps ripped the survey to shreds.

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