Spider-Man Takes His Name Way Too Literally For New Costume Reveal

Marvel Comics is debuting a brand new Spider-Man costume with art showing the iconic hero’s new look making his name literal.

Warning! Spoilers for The Amazing Spider-Man #8 by Marvel Comics

Marvel Comics has revealed art for Spider-Man’s newest costume, which makes the web-slinging hero’s name more literal than ever before. In new cover art from Patrick Gleason, Peter Parker rips through his old suit and emerges with a brighter costume than before. Much like a real spider molting, Spider-Man sheds off his outer layer to debut his latest ensemble.

In the current The Amazing Spider-Man arc from Marvel Comics, Spider-Man has dealt with several new problems thrown his way. Between everyone in New York seemingly hating him, Mary Jane Watson being in a relationship with someone else, and his romance being reignited with Black Cat, Spider-Man is undergoing quite a transformative time in his life. The changes will keep coming for the hero, as new cover art for The Amazing Spider-Man #8 teases a glowing new suit that Spider-Man sports as he rips apart his classic look like a real spider, showcasing the next ensemble evolution for him.


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Marvel Comics shared brand new art for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man #8 from Zeb Wells and John Romita Jr., with the cover by Patrick Gleason highlighting the hero’s new glowing suit. The image makes Spider-Man’s name literal as, like a spider, he sheds his skin, molting his old suit in favor of his colorful new ensemble. The cover art is quite a horrifying way to introduce Spider-Man’s new look, as he rips off his previous suit like a spider, similarly revealing a harder exterior below. Check out the cover art from Gleason below.

The new suit gives Spider-Man a much more illuminated look, as his eyes, spider logo, and circles on his arms all glow yellow. While details about the new costume haven’t been fully revealed, it may be designed to make Spider-Man stand out and feature advanced tech in each bright spot throughout his suit. A cover from Romita Jr. has shown Norman Osborn holding a glowing Spider-Man mask, so the villain is likely somehow involved in the new ensemble. Check out the official synopsis for The Amazing Spider-Man #8, which teases the arrival of Spider-Man’s new suit while also teasing the hero getting his own glider.

Spider-Man has a new costume and accessories that look vaguely…familiar. Is that a GLIDER?!

Spider-Man’s new costume looks great, offering a fresh look without drastically changing his appearance. Of course, the hero will always return to his most iconic look, but throughout his time as a web-slinger, he’s often changed up his look depending on the challenges he’s facing. Still, while the Patrick Gleason cover art of Spider-Man molting through his old costume is a terrifying image, it’s a great way to illustrate the upcoming changes for the hero. The Amazing Spider-Man #8 by Marvel Comics is in comic book stores on August 24th, 2022.

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