Kermit Becomes a Xenomorph In Terrifying Muppets & Alien Fan Art

Kermit is transformed into a far more sinister being in an Alien/Muppets mashup that is perhaps more disturbing than the original Xenomorphs.

Muppet Kermit the Frog merges with a Xenomorph in new Alien mashup art. Though Alien‘s special effects may be from 1979, its villains are nevertheless terrifying. Among them are the Xenomorphs, aliens with no eyes but two sets of sharp, daunting teeth. After appearing in the original Ridley Scott Alienthe Xenomorphs reappeared in the sequels Aliens, Aliens 3, spirit Alien Resurrection. They will appear again in the upcoming FX Alien series.

As iconic as the Xenomorphs are to the sci-fi sphere, Kermit the Frog is to the world of children’s television. Like the Xenomorphs, Kermit has reappeared not only as a Muppet in the long-running Sesame Street TV series, but in a litany of spinoff shows, TV specials, and feature films. Most recently, Kermit appeared alongside his fellow Muppets in the Disney+ special The Muppets Haunted Mansion in 2021. Kermit is also a huge part of meme culture and even appeared on season 5 of the reality competition series The Masked Singer.


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3D artist Ty Soares (via DnDSame) has created a piece of fan art that combines Kermit with the Xenomorphs. The mangled creature takes on the shape of a Xenomorph, but instead of the dark brown/black color from the Alien franchise, the xenomorph is bright green. According to the artist’s caption, the 3D rendering is “based on the amazing drawing by Ed Harrington.” Check out Xenomorph Kermit below:

Kermit Has Been Spoofed Before

Xenomorph Kermit is an image that truly cannot be unseen. It is not uncommon, however, for Kermit to be riffed on in this way. Recently, another fan artist turned Kermit and his fellow Muppets into monsters from the game Bloodborne. Some other mashups include John Wick as Kermit and a video game mod adding the Muppet to Metal Gear Solid V. This is in no way an exhaustive list and is but a brief sampling of the hundreds of Kermit memes that are out there, many of them with a dark twist like the work of Soares.

The Xenomorph Kermit is still quite a disturbing addition to the Kermit meme canon. Since Kermit is such a positive character who evokes nostalgic childhood memories for many, there is something inherently jarring and ironic about sticking his likeness on a classic horror film villain. Alien is certainly a far cry from Sesame Streetmaking Xenomorph Kermit an amusing if not uncomfortable contrast.

Source: Ty Soares (via DnDSame)

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