Justice League’s Most Powerful Hero Gets Perfect AI-Generated Album Art

New AI-generated art recently shared by author Jon Morris shows what DC Comics’ Dr. Fate’s debut album as a hip-hop artist might look like.

He’s been a member of the Justice League and the Justice Societybut Doctor Fate might be ready for an entirely new career: that of hip-hop recording artist. At least, that’s how the character is portrayed in recent AI-generated art, shared courtesy of Eisner-nominated writer Jon Morris.

First appearing in 1940, Doctor Fate made his debut in More Fun Comics #55 by writer Gardner Fox and artist Howard Sherman. Gifted with the mystical amulet, cloak and helmet of Nabu, archaeologist Kent Nelson fights in the service of the Lords of Order, protecting the DC Universe from magical and other supernatural threats as one of the most powerful members of the Justice League. Throughout the character’s history, several heroes have taken up the helmet of Nabu, including Nelson’s lover Inza, controversial demon hunter Jared Stevens and the current wielder of the “Doctor Fate” name, Khalid Nassour. One of the most storied heroes in DC Comics history, the character is set to finally make his big-screen debut this year in Black Adamwhere he’ll be played by actor Pierce Brosnan.


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But before he embarks on his big-screen career, Doctor Fate may want to try his hand at being a recording artist first. Recently shared via League of Regrettable Superheroes author Jon Morris‘ Twitter, the author states he “asked the AI ​​to do some cover art for Dr. Fate’s debut hip hop album.“What came out of the AI ​​art generator certainly suggests Doctor Fate could have a future in the music business, if he so desired. Take a look below:

DC’s version of Marvel’s Doctor Strange may not be the first character fans would expect to cut a hip-hop album, although the name “Doctor Fate” certainly makes him sound like a rap artist ready for the stage. It could even make for a killer story-line for Fate to embark upon in the comics. Magicians use combinations of words to cast spells, so it’s not hard to picture a version of Doctor Fate spitting verse on the stage to battle supernatural threats and give his audience a magic show they’ll never forget.

Even though such a story is unlikely to happen in the near future, fans can still enjoy the AI-generated art shared by Morris in the meantime. And whether or not DC’s most powerful hero has a future as a recording artist, Justice League spirit Justice Society member Doctor Fate is still set to break out big this year no matter what, thanks to his big screen debut.

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Source: Jon Morris


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