“I’ve Never Felt This Unsafe”: Shocked And Saddened Tourist Calls Out American Inequality After Visiting The US For The First Time

Tourists’ beloved Los Angeles, known for its TV and music industry, buzzing culture and never-ending sunshine, set a new tourism record recently. In 2018, it welcomed an estimated 42.5 million domestic visitors and 7.5 million international visitors, making it a 50 million record and reaching a new milestone.

But not every tourist seems equally impressed with The City of Angels. This recent post from the Los Angeles subreddit, written by a European who visited LA and the US for the very first time, shone a light on the not-so-pretty side of the city.

The author who goes by the handle TheRealBanksyWoosh shared how shocked he was with what he saw there. From “drunk and high people” to “so many homeless and poor” with “five, six tents under each bridge” and “trash and feces everywhere,” TheRealBanksyWoosh wrote he never felt so unsafe.

Read on below for his full account on Los Angeles, and be sure to share what you think of it in the comments below!

A European tourist was so shocked by the level of inequality and disregard for life in Los Angeles when he visited for the first time that he shared his experience with others

Image credits: MIANHU XIAO (not the actual photo)

Image credits: Mihály Köles (not the actual photo)

Image credits: TheRealBanksyWoosh

The post quickly turned into a conversation about the homeless crisis and inequality in the US, and many people shared their own similar experiences while traveling

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