I got trolled for covering my body in tattoos and told I ‘ruined’ myself but I love my inked skin

TATTOOS are not for everyone – and some who aren’t fans of body art have made their feelings known in nasty ways.

Content creator Taylor Courtenay is covered in tattoos and finds that people troll her for them and have no issue commenting negatively about her body and character.


TikTok creator Taylor Courtenay is covered with tattoosCredit: TikTok/taypaigec
She frequently receives negative comments online about her tattoos


She frequently receives negative comments online about her tattoosCredit: TikTok/taypaigec

Taylor recently shared a TikTok of her first concealing her body before confidently revealing her inked skin.

She has a large tiger and cheetah on her stomach, the year 1996 on her chest, a Medusa head on her neck, floral designs down her arms, and much more.

“Karen will say I’ve ruined myself,” she captioned her video.

One person commented: “Karen was always a jealous one.”

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Taylor made a follow-up video specifically calling out older people, saying they target her most frequently.

She shared she has heard from the older generation: “Your tattoos are not going to look good when you hit 60.”

While showing off her ink, she hit back, writing: “Bold of you to assume you even look good at 60.”

A tattooed commenter said: “This is my comeback now when my family starts [talking] about them.”

Sharing how people may not see her as the “norm,” Taylor told the Daily Star: “I guess they just presume that I haven’t thought about my decisions and therefore ‘I’ve ruined myself.'”

“I feel like I have to be overly nice, polite, and smile more … Just because of my choice to get work done all over my body – it does not mean I’m a different person with or without them,” she added.

Previously, Taylor has documented how men have also said she’s ruining herself with tattoos.

After calling out the “little men” who say this, one person commented: “Bet your father’s proud.”

Taylor responded with a video, shocked by the negative energy people waste on mocking her.

“I know my dad’s f*****g proud of me … I live life how I want, I do what I want, I look how I want.”

She wrapped up her explanation by declaring: “I’m proud of myself.”

Taylor gets backlash from older people but she claps back at them


Taylor gets backlash from older people but she claps back at themCredit: TikTok/taypaigec
She's a fan of her inked skin and is proud of herself


She’s a fan of her inked skin and is proud of herselfCredit: TikTok/taypaigec

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