How Superman’s New Mech Armor Replaces His Iconic Superpowers

Superman’s new mech suit is replacing his powers with advanced armor, and new art from DC shows exactly how this futuristic tech works.

The powers Superman typically uses in his heroism come from his Kryptonian physiology and its reaction to Earth’s sun, but his new mech suit changes the way the hero operates. A revealed cover for DC: Mech # 2 depicts the Man of Steel’s latest redesign and some of its inner workings. Thankfully, the mech will recreate Clark Kent’s powers, but this time through advanced technology rather than his alien abilities.

Superman’s abilities include super speed, strength, heat vision, x-ray vision, freeze breath, and durability. These abilities can be amplified and the Man of Steel has also had his powers sapped. However, the threats he is facing are far different than usual. A full on mech was read ahead in the DC universe in the upcoming series, DC Mech. Like the rest of DC’s classic heroes, Superman will have his own mech suit to tackle the latest threats.


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The new mech is explored in a variant cover for DC: Mech # 2, drawn by Dan Mora and recently shared by League of Comic Geeks. This issue will have the creative team of Kenny Porter and Baldemar Rivas. Mora’s cover art reveals a blueprint for the “Superman Mech,” highlighting particular design elements and showing new ways that Superman will harness his powers in this new series, which gives the Justice League the ultimate armored upgrade.

Cover for DC: Mech # 2 focused on Superman

Built with magnesium and titanium as some of its core materials, this 40-ton mech is a work of Kryptonian engineering. Jor-El, the father of Superman, is known for his intelligence and saving his son from Krypton’s demise along with Clark’s mother Lara Lor-Van. However, this series will add a new accomplishment to their list: building a towering mech to combat Darkseid. The mech incorporates Superman’s traditional symbol – which means more than ever, given his powers will be even more firmly tied to his origin – and channels Kryptonian design over his traditional comic color scheme. In all white, it looks strikingly like the suits Jor-El is often depicted as, as well as being a solar suit similar to that worn by Super Boy in Young Justice.

The pilot suit mirrors the mech’s design. While also being a means of powering the giant suit, it converts solar energy into fuel, which the suit also does using solar arrays to produce solar propulsion. This will allow Superman – and the mech – to fly. This suit also includes heat cannons on its arms. The cover says that this is an aspect meant to “cut through the hulls of battleships” and mentions “high-powered ocular lasers.” These will allow Superman’s heat vision to be incorporated into the mech. Given the nature of mechs, it stands to reason that it will have increased durability, enhanced speed, and more strength than a standard being would. What remains to be seen is if Superman’s other powers will be relevant to the story and included, such as his freeze breath and x-ray vision. With heroes like Flash getting their own mechs, it seems the suits will be as diverse as the Justice League’s own powers.

Superman’s powers being intrinsic to his physiology has allowed them to be affected by weaknesses such as kryptonite, but it also makes it difficult to permanently strip him of his abilities. In DC: Mechhis abilities will depend on maintaining the functionality of his armor, which means that while Superman‘s powers may be intact, he’ll need to find new ways to fight with them to stand a chance of besting Darkseid.

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Source: League of Comic Geeks

DC: Mech begins July 26, with the second issue’s variant cover available August 23 from DC Comics.

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