How a Singaporean couple turned their home into a Takashi Murakami art gallery

But they currently do not have any plans to make a quick buck by selling their pieces, even though they still have about eight to ten more prints carefully kept away in their storeroom. “I did not collect the stuff for the purpose of reselling it later on. For me and my wife, we really love his work and our main purpose is to display and share his work. We do not have any intention to make money off this, ”he said.

As sizeable as their art collection is, there is one thing still missing – a photograph with the artist himself. About six years ago, during a trip to Tokyo they did get close to achieving this holy grail when they chanced upon the artist with his team at his cafe-bar (it closed during the pandemic) at Nakano Broadway.

Murakami was there having a discussion with his staff and it was a dilemma whether to approach him or not. But we eventually decided not to, ”said Lee. “We still regret it.”

Naturally, they are carefully monitoring the situation in Japan and intend to return once restrictions are eased. “So many things have changed and some of our favorite spots are no longer around unfortunately,” he said. “But it would be so nice to just go back and discover new things as Japan is ever-evolving.


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