Batman Is Jaw-Droppingly Surreal in New Detective Comics Cover Art

The breathtaking art of Batman’s new Detective Comics run takes the spotlight in a brand new cover for Issue #1062’s second printing.

With a fresh creative team and cover art worthy of a framed canvas, Batman has never looked more gothic than he does in the new cover for Detective Comics #1062‘s second printing—nor more like something from a beautiful nightmare.

Detective Comics is one of DC Comics’ flagship titles—the publishing house, “DC,” is technically named after this long-running book. Batman himself debuted in Detective Comics #27, and now the title is primarily home to Batman stories in addition to other Gotham City characters. Detective Comics #1062 sees the start of a new run on the title, with a fresh creative team to boot: Ram V, Rafael Albuquerque, Dave Stewart, and Ariana Maher.


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The new ‘Tec team attracted a great deal of attention, and the first printing of their debut issue sold out. DC recently announced that Detective Comics #1062 is going back to press for a second printing, this time featuring a new cover by Julian Totino Tedesco. The cover is straight out of a surrealist’s dream: Batman’s cowl is cracked open like an egg, and a large red bat is flying out. This is all rendered in Tedesco’s gorgeous painted style, with the title of the newest arc presented prominently: “Detective Comics presents Gotham Nocturne.

Detective Comics 1062 Second Printing

Seeing as DC and this newest Detective Comics creative team has been presenting the new Batman arc as a “Gothic Opera,” this cover by Tedesco is not only thematically on point for the book, but a piece of art worthy of its own praise. The realistically rendered—but nightmarishly colored—bat flies out of Batman’s head and towards the reader as though this really is what Batman is inside: no brain, no intellect, just a wild animal, something from Bruce Wayne’s own nightmares. Tedesco’s painted style creates an antique-like effect, making the cover an homage to centuries-old opera posters. This cover is already a high -point for the new run, and the team is only on their first issue.

Detective Comics #1062 is already on its second printing, and the new cover to go along with it emphasizes the new run’s gothic and surreal take on both Batman and the Gotham atmosphere at large. Julian Totino Tedesco’s cover art deserves appreciation as well as a frame, but comic book readers and Batman fans are lucky enough to find his work at their local comic book shops. That this issue of Detective Comics has received a second printing demonstrates the star-power of the new creative team, and Tedesco’s jaw-dropping second printing cover promises even more beauty to come.

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Check out Detective Comics #1062, available now from DC Comics, with the second printing cover featured here available September 6th.

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