SNAP Benefits: What happens if you submit SAR 7 late?

The California state’s Health and Human Services Agency has announced that eligible US citizens who receive CalWORKs must report when their total income reaches a certain level.

This means that when your household’s total monthly income is more than your current Income Reporting Threshold (IRT) you should report within 10 days.

You can do so either by calling the County or by reporting it in writing. According to the Health and Human Services Agency, total monthly income is any money you receive before any tax, Social Security or other contributions withholdings are made.

What happens after you report

California made it clear that any change could affect your benefits which could be slashed or stopped altogether.

“Your IRT may change when your income changes or when someone moves in or out of your home,” reads the Health and Human Services Agency statement.

“The County will let you know in writing each time your IRT changes.

“You also need to report during your annual redetermination/recertification (RD/RC) all income the RD/RC form asks about, even if you already reported that money.

What else should you report?

In the event you get CalWORKs, you are obliged to report within 10 days anytime someone moves into your house or leaves. You should also report in case someone moves in or stays with you who has an unreported conviction for a drug-related offense, is breaking one of their parole or probation terms or running from the law.

What happens if you submit SAR 7 late?

Failing to report when your income is more than your IRT limit could get you in trouble because you would receive more benefits than you should.

“You must repay any extra benefits you get based on income you do not report,” reads the Health and Human Services Agency statement.

“If you do not report on purpose to try to get more benefits, this is fraud, and you may be charged with a crime.”


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