These North Texas cities are best — and worst — in the US for farmers’ markets, says the study

Who among us doesn’t love strolling through a farmers market, gazing at tables lush with heirloom tomatoes, crisp lettuces and juicy peaches?

Well, perhaps some more than others.

A new study by lawn care company Lawnlove found Texas is hit or miss as far as farmers markets.

Two North Texas cities ranked near the top in the US for markets — McKinney at No. 10 and Plano at No. 20.

But several others did not fare so well. Arlington ranked 3rd worst in the country, and Irving ranked 9th worst.

Other North Texas cities mentioned are:

  • Frisco, No. 29
  • Fort Worth, No. 47
  • Dallas, No. 138
  • Denton, No. 146
  • Grand Prairie, No. 172

To create the rankings, LawnLove evaluated the number of farmers markets, consumer ratings, number of farms within 100 miles, household spending on food, and climate for the largest 185 cities in the US It also looked at public transit and walkability, which could help explain Texas’ low scores.

Another explanation, according to LawnLove, could be that people are simply tending to their own gardens.

“Maybe the pioneer women (and other self-sufficient folks) in these cities prefer to grow enough for themselves,” the study says, “so there’s no need to venture to the markets to buy produce.”

The complete study is available online.

The Chicks will bring a tour to North Texas, after all

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